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Like what I do? All credit goes to their respective owners. As much as possible I try to use Tumblr's gif function so that the gifs are credited back to their original makers, but if there is anything you would like removed or credited, please let me know. As always, the gifs are not mine - credit goes to their respective makers. If you would like your gif credited or removed, please message me. Originally posted by asouesource.

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Originally posted by younior. Originally posted by moviesreality. Originally posted by godyoutalkpretty. Originally posted by wannabe-disney. Originally posted by travelingstrawberry. Knope RPs. Buy me a kofi.

Gif hunts come from searching multiple sources - I don't claim ownership of any gifs. All manips are made by me using unedited images I find off of google edited together with photoshop.

I don't watermark my manips, but please don't attempt to take credit for my work. Message me! Malina Weissman Gif Hunt! Please like or reblog if using! Originally posted by asouesource Originally posted by musicaljewel Originally posted by dccomicstv Originally posted by forcewakens Originally posted by mindfullofstories Originally posted by anatmyx Originally posted by crazyforspacey Originally posted by supergirlbenoist Originally posted by jennifergarneronline Originally posted by younior Originally posted by moviesreality Originally posted by godyoutalkpretty Originally posted by wannabe-disney Originally posted by travelingstrawberry.

Posted on 21 Jan pm 3 years ago show notes. Disclaimer: This is a side blog that I run for fun. I am one person, working on this blog in my spare time while also dealing with a full time job, responsibilities, mortgage, relationships, and a very adorable dog named Bailey.

gif hunt icons

I do my best to complete requests in a timely manner but sometimes they take a little time. If there's something urgent about your request, please let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate you. Theme by magnusthemes.Come a little closer, baby - NEXT mapleofrph :. All icons were screencapped, cropped and edited by Blue from Goodbye, Enari. Please do not claim as your own, repost them or edit without permission. Keep reading. Older icons from Font Awesome will not work.

Here is the link to the new icons. Someday I'll let you in Treat you right Drive you outta your mind. You never met a chick like me!! Burn so bright I'm gonna make you blind Always want what you can't have Is it so b a d if you don't get what you wanted? Make you feel good As I whip you Into shape. Yeah, boy, let's get it started! G i v e i t u p You can't win 'Cause I know where you've been Such a shame you don't put up a fight That's a game that we play At the end of the night It's the same old story But you never get it right G i v e i t u p Come a little closer, baby.

Hi Cat I was wondering if it was possible for us to get a shoutout? Resurgam Talent is a mother agency established in the s in Paris.


What is the catch? We are a brand new celebrity, oc rp with ALL popular and underuse faceclaims still open. Can we possibly get a shoutout?

We're currently trying a promotional game called PromoCode! The task is to find the code amongst our pages and you can apply without a para sample!! Happy Holidays and Thanks in advance!All gifs are roleplayable, textless, and diverse from small to medium — also, none of them are mine, so all credits go to the owners, and if any of them want their gifs removed, just contact me!

Keep reading. One anonymous person requested a gif hunt of BD Wongand after researching for hours, I sadly only came across 10 gifs, one of them being real poor quality.

I decided to post this anyway, and anon, I really am sorry. I tried my best. If I find more, I will update this. Like always, the same deal, gifs are small to medium, textless, and none are mine, so if the owners want me to remove them, just contact me — and all credit goes to them for their hard work.

From small to medium, high quality, textless, all roleplayable, and none are mine, so if you own any of them and want me to remove them, just contact me! It takes me a while to collect this and only one second for you to like the post.

Anonymous said:. Posted all I found, sorry to disappoint, babe : I hope it still helped! A moodboard for my bomb ass Aqua best friend. Posted, babe!Feel free to edit them but you MUST give me credit. If you use these gifs, please like or reblog this post.

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She is a British aactress and writer, who has also been in British Theatre. There should be no repeats, any were completely accidental. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! All of these gifs were made by me, so please do not redistribute them claiming them as your own. Please do not edit these gifs without permission. Please do not reupload here or on another site.

All GIFs were made by me and are inteded for roleplaying purposes only. Reposting these GIFs or using them in your own graphics is strictly forbidden. Please, like or reblog this post if you plan on saving these GIFs, of if you found this helpful in any way, shape, or form.

Thank you, and enjoy. Plus, it did get me out of this rut, so thanks a lot Megan! All the gifs were capped and coloured by yours truly. You can use them however you like.

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They can be used for sidebars and roleplaying! Thank you, and I hope you guys like this one!

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Keep reading. Use for RPing purposes only!Gif Hunt tag RP Icons tag. He has also acted in TV series like Sanctuary and Psych. She has often been cited as one of the best actresses of her generation. Foster began her professional career at the age of three as a child model, and two years later moved to acting in television series, with the sitcom Mayberry R.

After attending college at Yale, Foster struggled to transition to adult roles until winning widespread critical acclaim for her portrayal of a rape survivor in The Accusedfor which she won several awards, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

She won her second Academy Award three years later for her role in the sleeper hit The Silence of the Lambswhere she played Clarice Starling, an FBI trainee investigating a serial murder case.

Foster made her debut as a film director the same year with the moderately successful Little Man Tateand founded her own production company, Egg Pictures. Her other films in the s included period drama SommersbyWestern comedy Maverickscience fiction film Contactand period drama Anna and the King.

Her second film direction, Home for the Holidayswas not well-received commercially, while critical reviews were mixed. She also starred in the film Elysium.

She first rose to fame starring in the family film My Brother Is a Dog. Do not send FC help questions or gif hunt requests to this blog. This blog's askbox is ONLY for corrections or to suggest faces to add. I only post FC profiles here, nothing else. I don't even answer questions on this blog.

If you want gif hunts or other help, click the "Back to RPH" link.

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View high resolution. Next page Previous. Theme: Linear by Peter Vidani.Dhoni: The Untold Story Patani is a Indian actress. Ethnically, she is of Indian descentso please cast him accordingly. Any repeats were completely unintentional or made with a lighter version which are right after each other. I made all of these gifs and honestly you can use them in anyway but if you add them to a crackship or gif hunt or anything of the sort please give me credit.

Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! Keep reading. Every single gif was made by me from scratch. Please do not add them to your own gif hunt.

Please do not repost and claim as your own.

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Please do not use in imagines. However, please give this a like or a reblog if you use these gifs or found them helpful in any way. Rahimi is Iranian-American and also of Russian ancestry. Her mother is of Jewish descent and her father, of Muslim. Please cast her accordingly. All of these were made by yours truly and intended for roleplay purposes.

gif hunt icons

Do not take credit for them, repost, or post in gif hunts. Please ask for permission before editing in anyway. Adria is of Guatemalan and Puerto Rican descentplease cast her accordingly.

All gifs were made by me and are only intended for roleplaying purposes. Do not repost, remove my watermark, claim as your own, edit in any way, or include in gif hunts. All gifs were made by me for rp purposes only. Please do not repost in any way, or use in a bio or crackship, or use in imaginesand do not edit for gif icons.

gif hunt icons

Lana is 21 yrs old and is of Vietnamese descent, so remember to take that into consideration when using her as a faceclaim.Please read rules for my packs, below. All of the GIFs were made and colored by me from scratch for roleplaying purposes only, so please do not repost them, claim them as your own, edit them, or put them into other gif hunts and packs. Be sure to like or reblog if you find them helpful or use them. Thank you and enjoy! A simple gdoc for all your rp needs.

Highly customizable. Feel free to change colors and fonts. Tip You can have it work for a multimuse blog if you repeat the profile pages. All gifs were made by me from scratch so please do not repost or claim as your own.

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You may use them as roleplaying gifs, sidebars, or reaction gifs. You can edit them for personal use only. You may NOT repost any of the gifs into gif hunts or gifsets. Please do not repost, add to gif hunts, or crop into gif icons. Thank you!! Keep reading.

gif hunt icons

Mascot: Colin O'Donoghue Discord: ajlthomas Features: Usable Outline. Can add or remove pages as necessary. Please like or reblog this post if you find it useful! Trigger warning: drinking, eating, blood, injury, near-drowning, kissing.


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